1-on-1 Coaching for all (executive) professionals

Ever had to make a difficult executive decision and wished you had a neutral person to bounce some ideas off of on how to communicate it? Or wanted to pitch a good idea, but preferred to share it in advance with at least one neutral person to see if you are on the right track and to take the idea together to a higher level? Or perhaps experienced a conflict with a colleague, with whom it just doesn't seem to click?

In addition to my language-related services, I offer 1-on-1 coaching for all (executive) professionals who are in need of a neutral sparring partner for a communication or business dilemma they experience.Business decisions (both positive and negative) and communication go hand in hand. Unfortunately, the communicative aspect of making a decision (for the team) is often forgotten and more damage is done than necessary. Often the decision is in principle not bad, but it has a negative effect because there is no effective communication.
Does this sound familiar? Then a 1-on-1 coaching with me - to avoid exactly these type of situations - might be interesting for you.

Why coaching with me?

There are a number of things that I am good at:

  • Listen
  • Analyzing a situation or problem
  • Formulate advice for this situation or problem
  • Help you choose the right solution
  • Help you implement that solution

This is exactly what I offer professionals, this neutral listening ear, which can put the finger on the sore spot without having any interest in the outcome and helping you towards the solution.

How do I plan a call?

Firstly, we plan a free 30min intake call. In this call we won't alk about the dilemma or idea that's on your mind yet, but we will just get to know each other. For me it's important that we both have a good feeling about the collaboration and that we trust each other.

An intake call can be scheduled here.

When both parties wish to continue, a follow-up call is planned - normally this call is 90 minutes - in which we discuss and analyze the situation, idea or dilemma further. We can meet as often as you'd like, but we take it one meeting at a time. Do you feel like you're not ready yet in your thinking process? Then we schedule another call. Is it completely clear to you what the solution has to be and how to get there? Great! Then that's that!

For these calls I charge an hourly rate (the intake call is for free).