This is the absolute specialty of WORDFORCE: writing powerful, attractive and SEO-friendly texts for web shops, blogs or social media.

Catchy SEO texts

Nowadays, good content goes hand in hand with SEO efforts. One of the main goals of online web texts is that they increase your online visibility in search engines, so that your page gets a good ranking in the Google search results and the user ends up on your website or social media page. In addition, qualitative and unique content is extremely important for generating new leads or new orders. With the right words you connect customers to your brand.

Choose words with intention

It is important to find your own voice and choose words with a clear intention. Be aware of the annotations that certain words can have and therefore choose carefully what does and does not suit you and your brand. The texts on your website are a great tool to show who you are and what you have to offer. But just posting good and appealing texts is not enough. After all, those texts must still be found and be able to hold the reader's attention. That's why I do extensive keyword research for every web text I write and tailor them to the article and target audience, so they're always optimized for search engines. What you can expect from WORDFORCE are powerful quality texts with a clear intention that generate more traffic and customers for you.

UX before everything else

It is important to keep the right balance when it comes to the use of keywords. Although the texts must be attractive to Google's search engine, they must remain interesting, relevant and reader-friendly content for your customer. When writing, I therefore add keywords in a natural way and always keep the User Experience (UX) in mind.

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