How do I work?

What if you are interested in a collaboration?

What happens next? What can you expect of me?

These questions will be answered right now.


Step 1 - Informal conversation

First of all I always organize an informal conversation free of charge in which my client and I tell something about ourselves. Goal of this conversation is to get to know each other a bit and to get a clear image of the assignment. After all, I have to be able to make a judgment call if I can/want to deliver what is requested plus I have to be able to make a time estimation for the costs. Often this means I ask in-depth questions and we finalize a list of activities that belong to the assignment together. 

Important is that both me and the client have a good feeling about the collaboration. It is also important to discuss costs in the first conversation. Neither party benefits from avoiding this topic, in my opinion. Especially, because clients often have their own preferences and it is important to find out if these feasible. Rate types that I offer are:

  • Hourly rate
  • Rate per word
  • A set amount for a clearly defined project (a project price)

If the assignment is fairly concrete, it is usually possible to provide an initial time estimation during the first call. This time estimation, however, can be adapted in the final offer. Whatever I write in the final offer, is what the client has to say yes or no to.


Step 2 - Feedback session & final decision (plus offer)

After the informal conversation I plan a feedback session a few days later so that both the client and me can let it sink in and indicate if we wish to continue. If one of us says no, it ends there. If both sides say yes, I prepare a detailed offer with a clear description of the work that is ordered and the price that has been agreed upon in the previous conversation.


Step 3 - Start of the collaboration & setting expectations

After the offer has been signed, I can officially get started. Often I need the client to provide additional documents or I need to be granted access to certain tools from the client, for example access to WordPress or Google Analytics.  When I start working, I always plan a few catch-ups ahead of time in which the client and I will discuss the current status of the work. It should always be avoided that we only speak shortly before the deadline. Besides, I like checking in regularly and making sure all expectations are still fulfilled. The frequency and duration of these talks can be shorter or longer depending on the client's needs and wants. In addition, it is important to discuss beforehand when the invoice(s) will be sent out - either I send an invoice at the end of each month or I sent an invoice at the beginning or end of the assignment. In my experience it is good to have clarity on this topic right from the start.


Step 4 - Delivery of the work & second feedback session

After the job is done, I usually request a short feedback talk again, to evaluate the collaboration. After my last invoice has been sent and paid, we go our own way.


However, the biggest compliment I can get, is if a client reaches out to me again for another assignment later on. That is why I always give more than 100% for my clients and you can expect nothing less from me than consistent, high-quality work, delivered right when you needed it.

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