The "Marie Kondo" treatment

Marie Kondo, who doesn't know her ?! Marie Kondo, a tiny but charming lady from Japan, introduced a tidying philosophy a few years ago, which sparked clean-up fury around the world. The main point she makes is to assess how you feel about your possessions: does it spark joy? Then keep it, if not, throw it away. Strangely enough, we apply this fully and wholeheartedly to our homes, but not to our content. That is about to change.

I dó use this concept to assess your existing website content. Have you not really looked at the texts on your website for too long? Have you been thinking for a while now that you "should really do something about that site"? Are your texts no longer up to date? It is often not necessary to put your entire website upside down, but small interventions already do wonders.

The Marie Kondo treatment starts with a status quo analysis of your homepage and its underlying pages. Based on this analysis, I determine what is good (evergreens), what is outdated and can / must go (purge) and what may still be missing (new content opportunities). Then the big tidying process begins. What can be removed, is removed, what remains is reviewed and upgraded, where unused potential lies is exposed. This way your website gets a great update and you are packed with ideas for new content.

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