What is UX writing?

For those of you who are not yet familiar with this term, UX copywriting is about writing texts for user interfaces, also known as microcopy. Texts that guide users within a site, app or product and help them work with and navigate through it. Characteristic of UX copywriting is the focus on the user. In other words: optimizing the user's experience when he / she is on your website or in your app. UX copywriting mainly focuses on website elements such as the menu and navigation buttons, general terms & conditions, error messages, security messages or warnings and of course instructions. CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons are particularly important in UX copywriting, as the right wording can make the difference between a user subscribing or not subscribing to the newsletter.

Clear isn't boring

A top-notch design or a super-popping font cannot compensate for a bad user experience. The optimum that you can achieve in UX writing is that your users experience an intuitive flow and navigation on your website. Navigation texts are therefore preferably direct and unambiguous: you know what to expect when you press the button.

Appreciate the small things

It is important to involve UX copywriters in the design of your website as early as possible. But even afterwards, there often is a lot to be gained from involving a UX copywriter. The power of microcopy cannot be underestimated. For example, a company changed the text on a button from "register" to "continue" and increased its revenue by $ 300 million.

Talk to your user

Optimal UX texts feel like a conversation with your user. In this conversation you can slowly but surely lead your conversation partner to where you want them, without sacrificing on user experience.

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