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Texts by me:


Fire For Women

I write a guest blog for www.fireforwomen.com about my own personal road to FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) from abroad (in Dutch):


I was responsible for all language elements that you see in the following webshops:

In addition, I managed all content on the Facebook pages for Belgian Flanders & the Netherlands (posts & stories):

Last but not least, I translated the monthly email newsletter that is distributed among the Dutch and Flemish customers.


A sample of the tour texts that I wrote for GetYourGuide:


I don't post frequently, but you can view and read some of my blog posts on my own website here.


Personal interviews:

I was featured in these interviews during my time as Internal Communications Manager at trivago, between October 2015 until November 2017:

*The original interview in German with intranet consultancy Kronsteg is currently offline.

Hack The Org:

Hack The Org! was a new hackathon concept that I developed at trivago which involved the participation of both tech and non-tech teams. Usually, hackathons are for coders only but as I saw the excitement and creativity these hackathons brought the software developers, I wanted to come up with an inclusive concept where all trivago employees could participate. I pitched this initiative in the context of the year of #entrepreneurialpassion (one of the core values of trivago) and was asked to execute my idea the same year. I was responsible for the name of the event, the logo, the planning of the day, the promotion, the judges, the t-shirts, the prices, communicating with the participants and all other onsite organization. I organized the 3 first editions myself (taking place from 2017-2019). Hack The Org! is still taking place on a yearly basis.


The following article about Hack The Org! was posted on the 'Life at trivago'-blog:


The promotional videos that were filmed of the 2017 and 2018 editions were published on trivago's social media for employer branding purposes:

Interested in working together? Please contact me here.

This is how Konstantinos Vitoratos, Global Translation Project Manager at trivago, experienced his collaboration with me:


"I had the pleasure to work with Elsbeth for approximately one year, while working as a Global Translation Project Manager. Elsbeth was the main Dutch translator in the company's translator roster, thus I cooperated with her on a lot of bigger and smaller projects and I had weekly contact with her through routine translation assignments.

Elsbeth came to trivago at a time, when we were lacking committed resources for translations. Therefore, a lot of weight fell on her shoulders, as she had to translate a lot of tasks immediately, without having had the chance to experience the company's culture and communication style very deeply. I am proud to say that Elsbeth stood up to the challenge, proving herself not only worthy of her position, but also solving our Dutch translation problem indefinitely. Her love for language and translations was always evident, as she was one of the few people in the company that genuinely loved this aspect of the job, although it was only a small part of her weekly tasks.

Elsbeth is a very hard-working and responsive person; I never had the experience of her being late in delivering an assignment and I never had to send her reminders for upcoming deadlines. She was always exemplary in the way she prioritized her work, something that I consider one of her most important assets.

Another valuable aspect of Elsbeth's character is her kind and communicative nature; she is always pleasant to work with, with a smile on her face that can make you feel better on a moody morning. She is also very polite in all her communication, being discreet when she knows someone is busy and addressing the right topics at the right time.

Overall, I was very happy to have had the chance to work with Elsbeth and I would undoubtedly recommend her for any future position she would like to pursue. She would be an asset to any team or company."

*N.B. The work samples that are shown here are public publications and are therefore available to everyone. Any non-public work samples are the property of my clients and will only be featured here with their express permission.