My Portfolio:

For Elfin I contributed to the team by:

✅ Managing the content calendar of the @elfinsocial accounts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)
✅ Co-creating new content concepts with a social content designer
✅ Writing copy for all new social content (min. 1 feed/reel post per day, multiple stories per day)
✅ Writing email copy for multiple campaign email funnels to drive conversion (membership sign-up)
✅ Improving (existing) e-course content
✅ Creating new e-course content
✅ Supporting during the first ever Elfin event held on November 9th in Amsterdam (with 170+ women attending)

For myposter I executed:

✅  1 Status Quo Analysis of the existing content

✅  1 On-Page SEO-analysis & keyword research for 5 best-performing landing pages for the Dutch market to identify content improvement opportunities; resulting in; 

✅ An On-Page SEO Improvement Plan with feasible, concrete action points, as well as;

Ready-to-upload new & SEO-improved copy for all 5 landing pages. 

For everdrop I translated (EN-NL or DE-NL):

✅ 1 landing page for the Dutch market;

✅ FAQs for the Dutch market;

✅ Order emails to guide the Dutch customer through the order process;

✅ Testimonials to be used on multiple everdrop channels, as well as;

✅ Various social media posts. 

For Cleverciti I executed:
✅ 55 content campaigns, including the conceptualization & writing of;
✅ 40 new web articles in English to be found in the newly designed Resource Library;

✅ As well as 27 new web articles for the 'Ressourcen-Bibliothek' in German;

✅ 34 social posts in English on Cleverciti's LinkedIn & Twitter accounts, and;

✅ 19 social posts to connect specifically with the German-speaking customers;
✅ 5+ distribution emails for the promotion of events;
✅ 3 landing page teaser texts (EN, DE, NL) for  the 'Ultimate Smart City Parking Guide';

✅ The Dutch translation of the 'Ultimate Smart City Parking Guide', and;
✅ The Dutch translation of numerous keywords & search ads.


With, as an absolute HIGHLIGHT, creating the all-time BEST-PERFORMING article:
✅ Which has been in the top 10 'best viewed pages' week after week since creation;
✅ And is/was responsible for 2,62% of the total website traffic;
✅ With and avg. time spent on page of 5:40 mins;
✅ Leading to a #1 ranking for the keywords 'smart tourism' & 'smarter Tourismus'.

For fire for women I conceptualized and/or executed:

✅ 1 status quo analysis of the website (now:, including 1 improvement plan for the existing content;

✅ 1 affiliate strategy;

✅ 1 plan for the creation of new content, to attend to possible content gaps;

✅ 1 content strategy turned into 1 full content calendar for the remainder of 2020. 

Additionally, I wrote: 

✅ 7 new articles of 600-700 words for the website, among which an extensive comparison of online brokers and a profound research article about the current status of financial independence of women in 2020; 

✅ 3 guest blogs of 300-400 words about my own personal road to achieving FIRE from abroad; which can now be read through my Blog

Starting November 2020 I was responsible for:

✅ Planning, conceptualizing, creating and posting all social media content (in text) on the instagram and facebook-accounts of fire for women. I worked closely together with a social media designer, that provided the visuals for the posts, based on the social content calendar we set up together. In total we created:

✅ Over 150 social media posts;

✅ Over1300 stories, and;

✅ Over 16 reels;

✅ With which we passed the magical mark of 10,000 followers at the beginning of 2021!  

A few examples of the tour description texts I translated for GetYourGuide:

A few examples of the publications in Dutch & Belgian media that I gathered for trivago:

Other information about myself and my work, such as interviews in the media and information about other passion projects can be found here

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