About me

Elsbeth - the person behind WordForce

I am Elsbeth, 35 years old, born and raised in the Northern parts of the Netherlands and I still call the city of Groningen my "home-home". However, I currently live in the Bavarian countryside in Germany. I've been living abroad now for over 11 years, of which the past 9 years in Germany.  Before that I lived in Austria for a year and during my studies I lived in Finland for 6 months (the classic Erasmus).

I am fluent in Dutch, English and German. I love reading, listening to music, cooking or going out to dinner, hiking, biking and skiing.  And as you may expect:


Writing and editing are a few of my favorite things...


In 2013 I completed my master in Communication and Information Sciences at the University of Groningen. My main focus during the master was business communication. Even though more and more courses were taught in English, the bachelor and master were primarily focused on the Dutch language. I attended courses on Dutch linguistics, on academic writing and writing styles, transcribing conversations and analyzing them, and of course, the use of language in the business world. I'd say it's not a coincidence that that's where I ended up.

In the past 8 years I have gone more than one ways in the business world, 'collecting' many different job titles. Especially my time at trivago (Hotel? trivago!) was a personal journey of discovery of who I was as a professional and how to utilize my skill set best. 

Besides the positions I have held in my career, I have always worked as a Dutch language specialist or translator, proofreader and copywriter on the side, both inside and outside the organization. I have always kept in touch with language, as this was my base, my happy place, and the thing that, until this day, remaines a true passion of mine. I cannot live without. It's part of my identity.

I usually mention quite early on to people that I am a true introverted professional. Why do I emphasize this part of my personality so explicitly, you might ask? Well, simply because I am proud of it!

I am of the opinion that organizations are most successful when they have a diverse group of employees; and by diverse I mean in personalities and qualities. My introversion has given me a few unique and powerful qualities that I am happy to differentiate myself with from others:

  • I am very sensitive to nuances (in language and behavior) which is why I communicate very consciously and as a result, very strategically (I think before I talk)
  • I am very precise and I have an eye for details.
  • It's fairly easy for me to concentrate on a long, perhaps slightly boring task (Hallo, things nobody else wants to do; give them to me! Done in a second!)
  • I can make myself familiar with a new topic or tool very quickly (I love learning!). 
  • I am good at creating order out of chaos. I am naturally structured and like structuring things so that I can put them better into perspective. 
  • I am calm, I am a good listener, I observe a lot and like to ask in-depth questions to understand the wishes of my clients well; I am therefore seen as a pleasant collaboration partner. 

Combine above traits with a deep inner passion for language in all shapes and forms, and you've got WORDFORCE!

Could your organisation use some WORDFORCE?